SCG is a strategy firm that sits at the confluence of thought leadership and operations delivery. We regularly work with Top Tier strategy consulting firms in delivering exceptional services to the clients.

Our Services are:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategy & Process Improvement
  • Change management
  • Technology
  • Thought Leadership
  • Start-up set-up and mentoring
  • Business turnaround
  • Early stage funding
  • Cost reduction
  • Accounting & Tax Planning

Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions is a coming together of companies to exploit their shared capabilities and mitigate risks.

Our methodology focuses on understanding these Capabilities and Risks and aligning the organisations to optimise their resources.

Whether these capabilities are in the areas of Core products/services or Support services; or for that matter to do with market reach and access – our team works in diagnosing, and then helping you and your team implement best practices.

All our consultants have a background working in industry and this makes them well suited to your environment. They take the complexity out of managing the turnaround, project manage on your behalf and at the same time help your team develop specialist skills to handle the task on hand, long after our team has handed over the business to you.

If you have been involved with a M&A, you will know what it takes to succeed. Our M&A practitioners carry the burden of a 100% success rate.

Whether the M&A will result in vertical integration or horizontal integration, our consultants have a purpose built and tested methodology that will make the experience enjoyable and take the stress of combining processes and cultures out of the whole exercise. Our M&A consultants have a strong background in manufacturing, trading, retail & franchising and public-private enterprise.

Strategy & Process Improvement

Our Strategy & Process Improvement (SPi) team comes from a diverse sectoral background. And they bring the best practices in their respective sectors to bear on every project that we go into. This reflects in the INNOVATION that we bring to each client of ours.

We are first and foremost a strategy consulting firm. We intervene when a) you want a diagnostic of your current strategy, b) looking at developing a new strategy; c) corporate or unit level strategy; or d) national or overseas expansion strategy. Our team of advisors are here to help. We cover a wide geography and bring best practices from across the world. Whether you are looking at UK/Europe and US, or markets such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East and India, our advisors have in-depth working knowledge working in these regions and can leverage their extensive networks for your benefit.

    • Corporate strategy
    • Strategy implementation
    • As-is assessment
    • To-be analysis
    • Process improvement implementation

Change Management

We believe all companies are adept at handling change.

However, successful change happens when all resources deployed by the company work in tandem to deliver on a common agenda. In these circumstances,
human capital is disruptive at best, and at the same time, the largest contributor to change. Galvanising human capital, is therefore critical to successful change management.

Our Change philosophy is – Change should not be sporadic. Change is a sequence of well thought out outcomes of a larger strategy. At the core of our philosophy is the need to constantly remind the team that stagnating is not an option. We align the needs of the business with the needs of the team members and drive change from the junior most resource to the Board level.

Having successfully run change management projects involving as little as 25 people to teams as high as 9,000 people has given us the confidence that our
philosophy and approach to change management is practical.


  • Business-2-Government procurement frameworks
  • We design and build procurement frameworks for our Public Sector clients. We work alongside Businesses to streamline their relationship with
    Governments. This strategy takes the challenges of Government procurement out of the equation and results in considerable cost savings to the Governments.
  • Performance improvement frameworks (RetailPulse)
  • We build holistic learning and development solutions for your business and also help to host the solution for all your employees. Our learning and development course materials are prepared with your business in mind and cover Industry Best practices. These course materials are further tailored to your company processes so that learning becomes as practical as possible.
  • A typical course can consist of (a) Lecture on industry best practices along with impact of non-compliance, (b) a description of the value chain, (c) a description of your processes and process maps, (d) detailed procedures / tasks and authority-responsibility matrix, and (e) detailed checklists.
  • In addition we assist your Human Capital Development team to assign team members to Continuous Education programs and track their attendance and post-learning performance management. We also help you track productivity within various teams. We monitor the impact learning and development has on profitability of the enterprise on an on-going basis.

Thought leadership

Our Thought Leadership team comprises of some of the leading figures in retail and public sector consulting. Our work on thought leadership work that spurred
governments in policy making. Key projects led include:

Death of kirana: The un-organised mom-n-pop stores across the world are self-employment generating engines. But these are the most neglected group of
businesses. Death of Kirana is the work of a dedicated team of consultants who dealt with the challenges faced by stakeholder in the value chain by making
suggestions that would bring the un-organised segment into main-stream retail and accord it the status that it deserves. Death of Kirana is also an engine for further employment generation and a strong source of revenue for the governments.

Enterprise government: Our team was prompted to use the learnings from sectors we work in to demonstrate that Governments can be run as successfully as a
Business. Our extensive pro-bono research work was carried out across Governments in 3 countries and their respective Ministries. Our team has made several presentations at the Federal and State Level to train the Administration on instilling the rigor of Private sector functioning into Government. Our consultants are busy handling enquiries from several Governments on how they can achieve a better Return on Investment on their resource allocation.

Power Policy for Successful Governments: For way too long, Governments have been working on incentivizing businesses to push adoption of renewable energy at the grassroots level i.e. residential market. This push has had negligible impact. Governments need a new thinking to make renewable energy adoption a norm rather than an exception. Our consultants have worked tirelessly in devising such a program of incentivizing the residential sector to create demand for adopting renewable energy.

Connected agriculture: Connected agriculture & convenience retail – The project was internally initiated and called for lowering barriers to modern retailing, streamlining logistics and supply chain in the agro sector – that will save farmers and consumers millions of tons of food that often goes to waste in emerging markets. And, in the bargain, net governments significant advantages in higher tax revenue, both direct and indirect.

Start-up – Set-up and Mentoring

Our Strategy & Operations teams work extensively with entrepreneurs to help them use our Life-Cycle approach in managing their start-ups. Whether entrepreneurs are looking for a quick re-cap of their business strategy or an extensive exercise on product Commercialisation – you can count on us to be with you to relieve you of the stress of managing all aspects of your business.

  • Start-up strategy
  • Pre & post-commercialisation
  • Mentoring
  • New market entry

Early stage funding

Whether you are a new business or one that is looking for funds to expand your business; we work with our partners to deliver a funding solution that meets your target requirements. Our team of experts along with professionals from the financial services sector will jointly determine your requirements and develop the financing vehicle for your project that meets your requirement.

  • Project diagnostics
  • Review funding vehicles
  • Syndication