Project Description

Problem identification

The client is a franchisee of an iconic UK Department Store and US Toy store in the Middle East. The client launched its flagship stores and wasn’t been able to expand further. Several factors impacted expansion – some related to the requirements of the franchisors, some self inflicted and other – market related. The client has a choice to make – stay with the brands or EXIT the business


SCGs team was brought on board at a very difficult stage in the business where the client was half-way through an EXIT. This resulted in a highly demotivated team, low productivity and a high rate of attrition.

  1. SCGs Strategy team worked with the Senior Management in re-working the business strategy to identify bottlenecks impeding progress. A region-wide consumer sensitivity assessment was conducted to understand the awareness levels and buying preferences. A competitor assessment followed which gave insights into the shortcomings of the client business. The key learning’s from these strategy workshops were: a) a new store expansion format and strategy, b) revised product mix strategy, c) revised pricing strategy, and d) marketing strategy.
  2. SCG setup a Change Management Office and led the training requirements of the team in line with the vision of the business

The client has expanded into several stores across the region,with over 60 stores, and is a leader in its market segment.

Project Details

  • Client

    Gold Eye Themes

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Photography
    • HTML