About Strategy Consulting Group

SCG is a thought leadership consulting practice that believes in building strategies that work.

Retail & Franchising

Retailers find themselves in a peculiar situation; and this applies to brick-n-mortar and e-tailers. Some common themes across the retail sector are:
(a) Persistent pressure on sales and margins has constrained growth, (b) High operating costs are seeing no signs of abating, (c) Access to capital is strained. In these circumstances we help retailers relook at their business model and emerge from the cycle of sub-optimal performance.

Manufacturing & Consumer products

Whether a decision involves factory location, own manufacturing or outsourced manufacturing, or one that involves strategically tying up manufacturing with distribution & retail, the challenges are many – so are the solutions. Which solution works best is a matter of one’s capabilities. Invite us over for an exploratory session.

Real estate

We help landlords evaluate the potential of their land ownership, through extensive land use studies covering residential, commercial, leisure and industrial developments. Whether it’s a township you are keen to create or a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), our team will help you make sense of the optimal returns your piece of land can generate for you.

Public sector

We believe Governments should exist as enterprises. They must invest, with the objective to earn a return from investment. And profiting by Governments is not Capitalist. Only when Governments Profit, can they deploy these profits for the betterment of society. Our team have developed ‘Enterprise Government’ as the framework for the future of Government Performance Management.