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SCG is an Ideas to Reality consulting practice that works with you to enable you to optimise your potential.

About Strategy Consulting Group

SCG is a thought leadership consulting practice that believes in building strategies that work.

Retail & Franchising

Retailers find themselves in a peculiar situation; and this applies to brick-n-mortar and e-tailers. Some common themes across the retail sector are:
(a) Persistent pressure on sales and margins has constrained growth, (b) High operating costs are seeing no signs of abating, (c) Access to capital is strained. In these circumstances we help retailers relook at their business model and emerge from the cycle of sub-optimal performance.

Manufacturing & Consumer products

Whether a decision involves factory location, own manufacturing or outsourced manufacturing, or one that involves strategically tying up manufacturing with distribution & retail, the challenges are many - so are the solutions. Which solution works best is a matter of one’s capabilities. Invite us over for an exploratory session.

Real estate

We help landlords evaluate the potential of their land ownership, through extensive land use studies covering residential, commercial, leisure and industrial developments. Whether it’s a township you are keen to create or a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), our team will help you make sense of the optimal returns your piece of land can generate for you.

Public sector

We believe Governments should exist as enterprises. They must invest, with the objective to earn a return from investment. And profiting by Governments is not Capitalist. Only when Governments Profit, can they deploy these profits for the betterment of society. Our team have developed ‘Enterprise Government’ as the framework for the future of Government Performance Management.

What we do

SCG is a strategy firm that sits at the confluence of thought leadership and operations delivery. We regularly work with Top Tier strategy consulting firms in delivering exceptional services to the clients.

At SCG we believe Revenue Optimisation is a combination of end-to-end processes that comprise of strategic planning on one end and post-execution analytics on the other.

  • Strategic planning: This process helps define product & service strategies, including geographic, and vendor-distributor-customer, and pricing strategies. We rely extensively on available data feeds and predictive analytics to develop revenue optimization strategies and plans.
  • Tactical planning: We assist clients deliver execution-oriented plans aligned to their strategic plans.
  • Integrated promotion management: We deliver targeted marketing programs focused on products & services to integrate with the strategic plans.
  • Ongoing retail execution: Our teams monitor performance in real time and lead corrective action.
  • Post-execution analytics: We perform comprehensive diagnostic of the performance of the revenue and profitability of the business at regular intervals or seasonality by product & service type to guide future program direction.

We believe cost reduction is a cross-enterprise program. Just like businesses build business strategies, overseas expansion & growth strategies, new product strategies, etc – businesses should focus their attention on Cost reduction strategies. Cost reduction strategies should bind business strategy with profitability and geographic strategies.

And when businesses ingrain cost reduction strategies firmly into the fabric of the enterprise, then all stakeholders implement cost reduction as a way of life. It transforms from becoming a Top-down driven cost cutting exercise to a strategic exercise; where non-value adding processes are systematically ejected from the system.

While there has been considerable debate around the topic of Continuous Improvement, our cost reduction initiatives result in Continuous Cost Reduction / Rationalisation for the enterprise. In addition our Cost Reduction program promotes sustainable economic benefits to the enterprise and the community.

MyAccountant is an accounting service pioneered by SCG, designed for Small-Medium sized businesses across retail, distribution, manufacturing and service sectors. While you focus on delivering superior customer service to your customers, our team takes care of your financial reporting and compliance. You stay on top of your business at all times.

As your trusted Financial Advisor, you get an accounting system that gives you a running account of your business performance – your revenues, costs, and profits. We take care of your HMRC and Companies House compliance and Company Secretarial services. In a nutshell, we take the load off your head as far as compliance is concerned.

Our customized cloud based book-keeping and compliance system monitors your every compliance requirement and ensures you are on top at all times. Our UK based accountants are available to you at your time – and we don’t charge you every time you need help. We exist to provide service to you around the clock. And if your business grows, we are here to help you get all the help from banks and financial institutions.

We build holistic learning and development solutions for your business and also help to host the solution for all your employees. Our learning and development course materials are prepared with your business in mind and cover Industry Best practices. These course materials are further tailored to your company processes so that learning becomes as practical as possible.

A typical course can consist of (a) Lecture on industry best practices along with impact of non-compliance, (b) a description of the value chain, (c) a description of your processes and process maps, (d) detailed procedures / tasks and authority-responsibility matrix, and (e) detailed checklists.

In addition we assist your Human Capital Development team to assign team members to Continuous Education programs and track their attendance and post-learning performance management. We also help you track productivity within various teams. We also monitor the impact learning and development has on profitability of the enterprise on an on-going basis.

We are first and foremost a strategy consulting firm. We intervene when a) you want a diagnostic of your current strategy or looking at developing a new strategy; b) corporate or unit level strategy; c) national or overseas expansion strategy – our team of advisors are here to help. We cover a wide geography and bring best practices from cross the world. Whether you are looking at UK/Europe and US, or emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East and India, our advisors have in-depth working knowledge working in these regions and can leverage their extensive networks for your benefit.

Our consultants have a wide exposure to manufacturing, trading, retail & franchising, logistics, and governments sectors. In addition they can leverage a combination of international best practices through working with large listed companies and some of the largest brand names in these sectors. The hands-on experience gained working in a line role and an in-depth understanding of the value chain of businesses help our consultants provide you with meaningful and relevant solutions.

We believe we should be around when our clients need us most. So when you reach a situation when you need consultants who can roll up their sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty of the business, you will find our consultants standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your team in achieving a business turnaround.

All our consultants have a background working in industry and this makes them well suited to your environment. They take the complexity out of managing the turnaround and project manage on your behalf and at the same time help your team develop specialist skills to handle the task on hand, long after our team has handed over the business to you.

If you have been involved with a M&A, you will know what it requires from even a seasoned business. Our M&A practitioners carry the burden of a 100% success rate.

Whether the M&A will result in vertical integration or horizontal integration, our consultants have a purpose built and tested methodology that will make the experience enjoyable and take the stress of combining processes and cultures out of the whole exercise. Our consultants have a strong background in manufacturing, trading, retail & franchising and public-private enterprise.

Our consultants have worked with governments across industry sectors spread across the Middle East and India in helping governments divest industry investment in favour of the private sector.

Our clients have benefited from thought leadership work that has got governments is making policy interventions that have spurred on the private sector to take on projects which otherwise would not have seen the light of day.

Our projects in connecting retail and agriculture – lowering the barriers to modern retailing, logistics and supply chain will save farmers and consumers millions of tons of food that often goes to waste in emerging markets. And in the bargain net the governments significant advantages in higher tax revenue, both direct and indirect.

Markets evolve over time and this spurs industry, as a whole and at individual corporate level, to respond and remain relevant or perish. Not all companies are adept at handling change.

Successful change happens when all resources deployed by the company work in tandem to deliver on a common agenda. In these circumstances, human capital is the most disruptive, and at the same time, the largest contributor to change. Galvanising human capital, is therefore critical to successful change management.

At SCG, we believe change should not be sporadic, but a sequence of well thought out outcomes of a larger strategy. At the core of our philosophy is the need to constantly remind the team that stagnating is not an option. We align the needs of the business with the needs of the team members and drive change from the junior most resource to the Board level.

Having successfully run change management projects involving as little as 25 people to teams as high as 9,000 people has given us the confidence that our philosophy and approach to change management is indeed on the right track.


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Retail clients

Manufacturing clients

Government clients

Our Portfolio

Here are some case studies of the work we have been involved with.


We take our mission – ‘ideas to reality’ seriously and deliver global best practices tailored to local environments. In doing so, we take a high degree of responsibility for the success of our clients.


SCG has built a robust suite of methodologies and has built a sound track record in engagement delivery.

SCG works as an international firm with a strong local flavour. We deploy experienced resources and do not use the client organisation as a training ground for our team members.

SCGs team of professionals come with deep understanding of business operations, having worked in the industry and having wide exposure to Industry Best Practices.

SCG brings together a team which has a wealth of experience across geographies and industry sectors. Our team of professionals understand the issues involved in successfully running enterprises and bring our experience of working across cultures and geographies to address them.

Independence, integrity, doing the right thing – are the cornerstones of the Firm’s values.


We understand that projects will challenge both teams from a Content as well as a Complexity perspective. We welcome this challenge as it gives us an opportunity to showcase our capabilities. From your viewpoint you will be able to take advantage of our ability to operate across regions, specifically tapping into the international experience and local cultural sensitivities through our offices, which combined have several decades of industry expertise.

We draw extensively from our deep operational and commercial experience of strategy and operating models and we bring practical insights to your project.

We believe that the key to the success of your project will be our ability to bring not only technical capabilities but also experience of delivering solutions in a sensitive environment.

We are a shared values led organisation. The way we work with our clients is as important as the technical capability we bring. We will invest time with you to develop an integrated project management office, with common ways of working, that is respectful of the unique blend of skills that all individuals bring. We will be flexible in our style and approach – always seeking to get the best outcome for the Project.

We understand that the success of your project depends on a collaborative approach. Our team will attempt to benefit from the deep experience your team members bring to the table along with your superior understanding of issues that involve you and the challenges they pose to your organisation.

Our approach is to ensure involvement in both the design of the proposed options and their implementation. We are passionately committed to your success individually and collectively, as a team.

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Improved Documentation

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Clean Coded

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Our Featured Works


Our Skills

SCG is a full service strategy consulting firm. We enjoy what we do and this is reflected in the amount of time we devote to developing our core skills.

Strategy 40%
Operations improvement 70%
Business turnaround 55%
Learning & development 60%
New market entry 35%
Corporate Governance & analytics 80%


At SCG we believe in providing a fun, safe and environment for all our team members as well as our clients.

SCG is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our people and any visitors to our premises. We comply with current applicable occupational health and safety legislation and offer a range of health, safety and well-being related support systems for our people and their visitors.
We aim to prevent accidents and promote good health, safety and well-being by:
1. Reducing health and safety risks associated with our business operations, as far as reasonably practicable.
2. Developing a health, safety and well-being culture within SCG.
3. Actively encouraging and supporting communication on all health, safety and well-being issues within SCG.
4. We shall lead, manage and coordinate a systematic approach to the managing of potential risks and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our Commitment
SCG places great importance on the health, safety and wellbeing of all its employees, to maintain optimum health and wellbeing within a safe working environment.

Work and health are central to all our lives, therefore SCG have committed to offering the following services:
1. Workplace risk assessments
2. Training
3. Risk assessments
4. Advice on travelling/working overseas
5. Advice for home workers
6. Accident reporting

SCG have received no breaches, notices, prosecutions or enforcement action during the past three years.

Health and Well-Being Policy Statement
As with all employers in the United Kingdom, SCG is required to comply with certain specified statutory duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (“the HSWA 1974”), various regulations made under the HSWA 1974. In accordance with this Health and Safety Legislation, SCG is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of SCG people and any visitors to our premises. We will provide the necessary resources to ensure compliance with our policy objectives. We recognise the importance of health, safety and wellbeing and accord a high priority to these and related issues. We are committed to a process of continual improvement to meet relevant changes in business and regulatory needs. To this end, SCG has developed and implemented health, safety and wellbeing related support systems which are available to all of SCG people via our intranet. We are, at the very least, committed to being compliant with current applicable health and safety legislation.

In respect of SCG people and visitors to our premises, our aims are to:
1. Prevent accidents and promote good health, safety and wellbeing.
2. Reduce, as far as we can, any health and safety risks associated with our business operations.
3. Develop a health, safety and wellbeing culture amongst SCG people.
4. Actively encourage and support communication on all health, safety and well being issues within our organisation.

Everyone at SCG is required to understand that we all have health and safety responsibilities. Our managers and partners are role models and lead by example, ensuring that SCG people are encouraged and able to manage their own health, safety and wellbeing within a supportive environment. This policy and associated documentation will be regularly monitored, reviewed and updated to ensure that our objectives are achieved.

Engagement performance
Fundamental to our service quality are our Quality Controls which are embedded throughout the firm’s engagement process. These quality controls include policies and guidance to help ensure that the work performed by engagement personnel meets applicable professional standards, regulatory requirements and the firm’s high ethical standards. Engagement performance encompasses all phases of the design, execution, review, supervision, consultation and communication.

The engagement workflow methodology:
1. Planning
2. Perform risk assessment procedures and identify risks
3. Determine strategy
4. Determine planned approach
5. Control evaluation
6. Understand project requirements, functional and technology dependent
7. Evaluate design and implementation of selected controls
8. Test operating effectiveness of selected controls
9. Assess control risk and risk of misstatement
10. Substantive testing
11. Plan substantive procedures
12. Perform substantive procedures
13. Consider if testing evidence is sufficient and appropriate

1. Perform completion procedures
2. Perform overall evaluation
3. Form an opinion
4. Communicate to Project Director, Partner and Team

Supervision and review of the engagement team
Supervision entails directing efforts of professionals who are involved in accomplishing the objectives of the project and determining whether those objectives are accomplished. SCG’s supervision and review process includes:

Tracking the progress of the project
1. Considering the capabilities and competencies of team members individually and collectively
2. Identifying matters for consultation or consideration by more experienced engagement team members
3. Reviewing and approving engagement planning and analysis prior to commencement of work
4. Reviewing all project work by an independent professional, other than the Project Team
5. In-depth technical reviews
6. Monitoring SCG’s monitoring procedures involve on-going consideration and evaluation of the following:
7. Relevance and adequacy of our policies and procedures
8. Appropriateness of our guidance materials and practice aids
9. Effectiveness of professional development activities
with professional and firm standards, policies and procedures

Quality performance review
1. Regular review of individual partners following a minimum 3-year rotating schedule
2. Review by teams that are led by partners and comprise individuals who have industry specific and technical knowledge
3. Reviews by teams and partners from geographical locations other than the location of the office under review
4. Assessment of compliance with applicable professionals standards, regulatory and legal requirements
5. Assessment of quality of service provided by each function
6. Requirement that action plans on the results of the review are prepared and implemented by relevant operational leadership
7. Review and approval of firm wide results and action plans

We are confident that SCG’s leadership vision, structure, policies and procedures support our professionals and enable them to provide a high level of service quality in an independent, objective and ethical manner, maintaining public and stakeholder confidence.

At SCG, we take pride in the quality of our work, the experience and professionalism of our team, and robustness of our values. Our integrity is demonstrated throughout our delivery and provides our clients and stakeholders with the confidence that we will act in a manner that is ethical, honest, accountable and open.An essential part of our commitment to maintaining our high standards is our Customer Complaints Management Procedure. Our approach is demonstrated below.

A complaint is an expression of concern, dissatisfaction or frustration with the quality and timeliness of the delivery of our services. Complaints may be made by Clients to whom services are provided. Making a complaint does not adversely affect the complainant. Please make your complaint in writing to:
The Director, Projects
Strategy Consulting Group Limited
121 Watford Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, WD3 3DX, Hertfordshire
Email: Shailza@scg-global.com
In your letter please state the contact person, address for communication, email, telephone, mobile number and nature of complaint. This will ensure that we can respond to you within reasonable time.

All complaints are entered into a Complaints Register and a written response is sent within 14 working days. The Director, Projects assesses the complaint to determine whether it is directly relevant to the scope of activities as agreed in the terms and conditions of the engagement.

If the complaint is not within the jurisdiction of the project scope, the complainant is advised and no further action is required by SCG to be taken.
If the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the project scope, the complaint will be referred to a Partner, not connected to the Project, for an internal review. The complainant will be advised of the outcome of the process within 3 weeks where possible

The decision of the Partner will be final. The result of the review will be communicated in writing to the complainant and The Director, Projects as well as the Project Team handling the project.

If upheld The Director, Projects will take appropriate action to redress the complaint. The Director, Projects will update the Complaints Register with the outcome of the review.

As part of Quality Assurance, all projects go through a review on completion and clients are contacted to give their comments on the handling of the project and areas of improvement.

We believe diversity is good for business – diversity of background, of experience, of perspective. That’s the SCG difference. A dedicated team of diversity practitioners and a sub-group of the UK Board work with the business to continually develop and enhance our approach to diversity and inclusion.

Our objective is to create an inclusive workplace where difference is valued and talent is treated with respect, where team members have choices in their working patterns and development. We believe diversity enables us to:
(a) recruit and retain the most talented people, (b) provide the best service to our clients, (c) work closely with our communities, (d) make a positive difference to our business.

In order to achieve this we show leadership.
1. SCG supports a range of initiatives including the Disability Network, in our India Development Center.
2. We lead the way on flexible working.
3. We encourage you to succeed – whatever your gender, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation, you can succeed at SCG. We support you through offering access to networks, mentoring opportunities, development programmes and inspirational role models.
4. We share best practice. We know we don’t have all the answers, and are keen to learn from others as well as share what works in SCG.
5. We recruit the best irrespective of difference.
6. We create an inclusive environment.

At SCG we are committed to doing the right things and in the right way. Our Code of Ethics outlines the standards and behaviours that we hold, to ensure the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We operate a ZERO tolerance approach to the making or receiving of bribes or corrupt payments, in any form. This type of conduct is absolutely prohibited whether committed by employees or anyone acting on behalf of the company.

What is a bribe?
A bribe may include any payment, benefit or gift offered or given with the purpose of influencing a decision or outcome. The bribe may not always be of large value. It could be a lunch or an invitation to a sporting event. We recognise that market practices vary. However, we are fully committed to complying with our obligations under the Bribery Act 2010 (the “Act”) and ensuring that no bribes or corrupt payments are made, offered, sought or obtained by anyone acting on our behalf, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Who must comply?
The Anti-Bribery policy is mandatory for all SCG Partners, Franchisees, their agents and employees, intermediaries, consultants, sub-contractors, etc, working on behalf of SCG anywhere in the world. The prevention, detection and reporting of any bribery in any form is the responsibility of ALL across SCG and all individuals and entities over which SCG has control. Appropriate confidential channels are in place to report any suspicion of bribery, described in this policy. You must read and abide by the terms of this policy. You may also be required to provide written confirmation that you will comply with this policy, by signing the Code of Ethics.

What happens if you don’t comply?
Any act of bribery is unacceptable. We will consider strict disciplinary action against anyone who fails to comply with the anti-bribery policy up to and including dismissal. Failure to comply with this policy may leave you open to criminal prosecution under this Act. An offence under the Act can result in a fine and/or up to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

What you cannot do?
Make unofficial payments to officials in order to obtain any permission, permit or stamp particularly in connection with any transaction.
Appoint any third party to act on behalf of SCG who you know or have good reason to believe to have engaged in any corrupt or unlawful conduct including any offences under the Act.
Pay any third party for the purposes of being a “fixer” to open doors and make connections for us overseas.
Facilitation payments (facilitating, speed back-hander, or grease payments) are payments, usually small cash payments made to low level officials, as a bribe to secure or expedite the performance of a routine or necessary action or level of service. No one must offer, pay, solicit, or accept bribes in any form, including facilitation payments.

SCG does not make any contributions or donations to political organisations or independent candidates, nor does it incur any political expenditure. We respect the right of individuals to make personal contributions, provided they are not made in any way to obtain advantage in a business transaction.
Charitable donations are part of SCG’s giving and supporting the community initiative. Donations are given to company identified charities in accordance with company policy on donations to charitable organisations.

What should you do?
We believe it is essential to create an environment in which you feel safe to raise any matters of genuine concern internally without fear of disciplinary action being taken against you, that you will be taken seriously and that the matters will be investigated appropriately and as far as practicable be kept confidential. Complaints may be made in writing directly to:
The Director, Ethics
Strategy Consulting Group Limited
121 Watford Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, WD3 3DX, Hertfordshire
Email: Shailza@scg-global.com

In your communication please state the contact person, address for communication, email, telephone, mobile number and reason for the concern.

Issue handling process
All issues related to bribery are entered into an Anti-Bribery Risk Register on receipt and a written response is sent within 14 working days.
The Director, Ethics assesses the complaint to determine whether it is directly relevant to the scope of activities and contravenes any provisions of the Act.
If the complaint is not within the jurisdiction of the scope, the complainant is advised and no further action is required by SCG to be taken
If the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the scope, the complaint will be referred to a Partner, for an internal review. The complainant will be advised of the outcome of the process within 3 weeks where possible
The decision of the Partner will be final. The result of the review will be communicated in writing to the complainant and The Director, Ethics
If upheld The Director, Ethics will take appropriate action to redress the complaint
The Director, Ethics will update the Anti-Bribery Risk Register with the outcome of the review.

We are committed to integrating environmental best practice into all of our business activities. We work towards this through a programme of continuous improvement across our operations.
This means that:
1. We will adopt best practice and play a leading role in developing innovative solutions to environmental issues facing our sector.
2. We will conduct our activities in full knowledge of and in compliance with environmental regulations.
3. We will integrate environmental considerations and objectives into all our business decisions.
4. We will minimise consumption of natural resources and wastage of materials as far as economically practicable.
5. We will establish environmental objectives and targets and measure performance against them.
6. We will encourage awareness and commitment to improved environmental performance amongst our people, our suppliers and our clients.
7. We will encourage our clients to think about how their businesses affect the environment and throughout our business, will provide professional advice that is consistent with this aim.
8. We will carry out reviews of our environmental performance.

Each SCG employee/contractor retained by SCG is responsible for adherence to the principles of this policy. The Leadership Team will regularly review the status of implementation of this policy.

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If you think we at SCG can be of any assistance, please feel free to send us a message and we will be in touch.

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